What Would The Best Version Of YOU Look Like?

We provide courses that teach individuals how to master their own happiness, joy, and well-being.

Life Got You Down?

There seems to be an endless stream of negativity today. Does that mean we are supposed to just deal with it?

What if there was a way that you could hold boundaries with civility? What if you understood how to put yourself first while still being helpful to others in need? 

The Himmer Institute was created to teach people, like you, the skills needed to develop healthy relationships, have self-respect/self-worth, and master their own happiness, joy, and well-being, regardless of the negativity around. 

Meet Dr. Richard Himmer

Perhaps you feel down or defeated in your current situation. If you believed it were possible to take control of your happiness, joy, and well-being, would you? No really, would you?

Research suggests that when your awareness is raised you, see the invisible, you hear the unheard, and you understand the incomprehensible. If you do not see, hear, or understand what is there, you will be controlled by your lack of self-awareness.

If you are ready to learn the principles of happiness, great relationships, and lasting friendships AND you’re willing to practice being happy using our system, you can reclaim your life and take it to a level you haven’t even thought of yet.

I invite you to consider reviewing the courses that have been put together so you can live life as your authentic (true) self.

Where Do I Start?

We recomend that everyone start with our core course, “Building Resilience”. Upon completion, you will have the foundation needed to venture into other, more specific courses. 


Once The Resilience Course Is Completed, We Invite You To Consider Expanding Into One Of The Three Areas

Individual Development

Family Development

Professional Development

“Before, I was actually really afraid of my children – well afraid of talking to them. Since implementing the process (with Dr. Himmer), my relationships with my children have done a 180. “

– Ruth

“Personal relationships, in order to succeed, are based on learning how to develop Rules of Engagement. Being civil with boundaries is a game changer.”

– Travis